The Well of the Halfhollows, The Culmination

In the four final sessions of this story arc, “The Well of the Halfhollows,” our adventurers rushed the nemesis Dolyos Miren’s timetable and forced his hand, leading to a series of confrontations in the capitol city of Thrennum. Our usual schedule for gaming stretched around the holidays, so I decided to wait to write up the recap of the story’s culmination until the adventurers had resolved their conflicts and made their way across the channel and through the capitol city and to the Outer … Continued

The Well of the Halfhollows, Part Ten

In our tenth session, the adventurers decided their course and began a long and in some ways grueling journey toward the capitol city, after the Ad’Tai made their intentions known that they would leave these lands and travel north. The adventuerers negotiated with the Ad’Tai and with Lady Grilea’s entourage, travelled around Pike’s Watch and did their best to remain incognito as they hurried toward the coast. The tenth session was staffed by the following player characters: Hodjai, the Djenndan fighter code named “Djaiho,” … Continued

The Well of the Halfhollows, Part Nine

Our ninth session was full of political intrigue and social tensions, presenting the adventurers with a conflict that is in many ways more difficult than mortal combat. The players explored the ‘brigands’ plight in greater depth after having escaped the Torlish ruin and reuniting the prisoners with their people. Now the Ad’Tai camp seems divided in the course of their actions, and the tension extends to Lady Grilea and her retainer, who must decide which direction to go from here. Thanks so much for … Continued

The Well of the Halfhollows, Part Eight

Our adventurers have conquered the Torlish ruin, but at great cost. In our eighth installment, the group works together to help Lady Grilea and the Ad’Tai descend into the pit and escape through the tunnels below. Having defeated the High Priest of Destruction, the adventurers will travel through the wilderness and return to the Ad’Tai encampment where they will come to realize the political house of cards that threatens to crumble due to the quagmire within Pelmoran lands. For this recap, I’d like to … Continued

The Well of the Halfhollows, Part Seven

Our gaming group was back in Google + for our most recent leg of the adventure, trapped in the Torlish ruin and on the search for escape. The adventurers had been working on ensuring a safe descent into the pit, and in this next installment, they find more than they bargained for in the “halfhollows” below. The seventh session consisted of the following player characters: Hodjai, “Ji-HO”, the Djenndan fighter and tug-of-war trainer, played by @Evan Lemur-o, “Lem”, the kahlnissá ghost and resident ruiner of lanterns, … Continued