The Relic of Tur’dar, Part Thirteen: Within Arm’s Reach

After a week of recuperation in the Warm City, our adventurers regroup to try to uncover the secrets of the Relic of Tur’dar. A series of puzzles lies in their path, and as they explore their surroundings they begin to realize the ancient and complex nature of their dilemma. As they grow closer to the realization that the relic is real and it is indeed somewhere in Cyopolda, they travel all over the city, meeting numerous people who offer information and goods that help them … Continued

Last Call for Beta Testers: Final Beta (3.0) is Live

Augur’s Lore: Song of the Pale Stone Beta 3.0 is live!* This release represents the most definitive and complete version of the rulebook yet, bringing a wealth of new content and updates including: descriptions of the various cultures, religions, deities, languages, and cities of the Empire; even more new and gritty potential encounters; and a truncated version of a playable sample adventure campaign called “The Hounds of New Scorth”. Beta 3.0 also introduces mechanics for character generation and gameplay including: determining character sex (male, female, or intersex); dual-wielding melee weapons great … Continued

The Relic of Tur’dar, Part Twelve: The Protectorate

In our twelfth installment, the group leaves behind the hospitality of Heksaag to travel beyond the Great Giants, a windy corridor with towering, sheer stone walls that winds through the Djenndan Mountains allowing passage from east to west. As they make their journey through the pass, into the Protectorate, and onto the city of Cyopolda, their resolve will be tested by the maddening realities of the harsh landscape and the even harsher people who inhabit it. The following player characters found their way to Cyopolda: Sookta, the Djenndan blacksmith, played … Continued

The Relic of Tur’dar, Part Eleven: Life in the Foothills

Leaving behind their companion, Lem’, who succumbed to the sickness of withdrawal and returned to the trees, the adventurers made a somber trek further into the foothills toward the quiet village of Heksaag. The temperate winds that howl through the pass beyond the foothills promised warmer days ahead, and their guide, Entan, claimed that villagers in Heksaag brewed the best grassland rose mead in all the Empire. But before they can rest, the adventurers will learn of a nearby group of ruthless bandits who … Continued

The Relic of Tur’dar, Part Ten: Becomes the Frost

Having escaped death in the cave at the summit of the Pass, the adventurers pushed on down the mountainside and well into the night where they finally caught up with their guide at his evening camp in the wilds. The party reunited, and Entan insisted that the adventurers not endanger the group of travelers like that ever again. The following day the group pressed onward; the slow-moving, malnourished miners, who followed Nysteld since the cave, now set the meandering pace as they all continued north for another week of … Continued