10: Trell, Ranger of the Forklands

Profile Trell is a seasoned ais’lun huntsman who has spent the past fifty-nine years of his life in and around Rendalenn. He stands 3′ 9″ and weighs 128 lbs., and carries striking burn scars along his shoulders and the left side of his face–wounds he received during the great fire that took the life of his family. After recovering from the great fire, Trell was destitute living as a pauper in the filth-ridden streets of the ais’lun quarter in Rendalenn and squatting in abandoned … Continued

9: Tsahzhast, The Arena Sandman

Profile Tsahzhast was a fifteen year old viantu male who stood 3′ 11″ tall and weighed 77 lbs. Despite his relatively few years in this life, Tsahzhast had nearly a decade of arena victories, and he and his brothers were considered heroes in the Rendalenn fighting underground. Tsahzhast had a wholly unique look about him. Apart from being one of the fruit eaters, the strange Volaani dark forest men from the far east rarely seen in the Protectorate, Tsahzhast had a frame with shockingly narrow shoulders … Continued

8: Forseki Lenoire

Profile Forseki Lenoire is a 23 year old pulnagá female who stands 5’8″ tall and weighs 140 lbs. She has a forgettable look about her, unless you study her arms and legs, which appear disproportionately shorter than it seems they should be. She keeps her long, dark hair out of her eyes with a leather headband that shadows her already dull eyes, obscuring her gaze. She spent most of her early years in Breen, where she disappointed her family of diplomats by associating with … Continued

7: Krall

Profile Krall is a 25 year old Djenndan who stands a massive 8′ 1″ tall and weighs 325 lbs. Krall is known by some in Northern Hinn as having an uncanny ability to speak to animals and command their respect. Having spent many years in the wilds of the northern tundra, Krall has become deeply attuned to nature, surviving and thriving in harsh, cold climates, and relying on animals as his only kinfolk and companions. Krall has a striking countenance, with bright, ice blue, … Continued

6: Swodynnanran

Profile Swodynnanran is a 36 year old pulnagá male who stands 6′ and weighs 170 lbs. Tall, thin, and striking in appearance, he is known as a powerful and strange practitioner of magic, an Urnaki Conjurer of the Fourth Order. Swodynnanran has a handsome, symmetrical countenance, with think, kahlnissá-textured hair along his face and neck that he lets grow quite long, braiding in artful strands and adorns with beads and bone charms. He speaks Uskelian with a slow drawl, indicative of the Bosenite influence … Continued