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    Samtori has decided to (temporarily?) retire from adventuring:

    Honoring characters whose adventures have concluded

    In the event he becomes involved in a future campaign, here’s his character sheet:

    [google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Samtori’s Character Sheet” icon=”” style=”embed” height=”612″]

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    Samtori was my first Augur’s Lore character, who probably should have died encountering the pale stone. I’m planning on playing a different character next time, but wanted to tell Samtori’s story. This is not to say his story is over, but he’s going to play it safe and stick to crafting for now.

    This post honors the ais’lun artisan Samtori, whose experience in a brief but intense adventure on the Isle of Undan has compelled him to avoid similar excursions for the foreseeable future.

    Samtori’s memories go back to the moment he was awakened from a five-year coma following a nearly fatal encounter with the pale stone. When he regained consciousness, he had no memory of his name or origins (Samtori was the name given to him upon awakening). He found himself under the care of a healer named Yer’ril who returned his few belongings and a small sum of funds before parting ways. Samtori found himself to be quite handy with an axe and felt drawn to smithing, and eventually became a respected artisan.

    After some time he happened to band together with some adventurers on the Isle of Undan. Many of them were inexperienced and lacked combat skill, but this did not deter them from embarking on what many would consider an ill-advised and haphazard trek into the bowels of an ancient ruin in the forest to rescue three kidnapped townspeople.

    A fellow ais’lun, Haldor, was the first to fall after failing to disarm an fiery explosive trap on a chest inside the ruin. Haldor’s sudden and violent death by burning, as far as Samtori was concerned, quickly turned a potentially lucrative adventure into a struggle for survival. Subsequent encounters with various monsters and traps left most of the group injured or incapacitated. Although Samtori remained unharmed, he was deeply troubled as the party uncovered evidence of cannibalism and a sinister cult.

    Ultimately the party defeated the cult leader and rescued the sole surviving townsperson, but only after suffering serious injuries. Samtori implored the party to escape immediately, but sadly was unable to prevent fellow ais’lun Crannth from sustaining a mortal injury while looting a trapped chest.

    Despite the safe return of the rescued townsperson and Samtori’s good health, he decided that this kind of adventuring is not worth risking his life for the time being. He will remain a businessman and artisan but leave life-threatening adventures to those more brave (or foolish) than himself.

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