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      Bret and I were chatting about his first GM experience and how it went, and I wanted to post here to hear about your first campaign experiences! What was your first time like? Who did you play with? What did you love/not-love?

      Mine was almost five years ago with a group of eight people, D&D 3.5. I played with Evan and several friends from a large group of people collectively named the ‘Cathouse’ (they were all roommates and had 5 cats between them all). They were quirky and creative people who emphasized story and character interaction over game mechanics, which was an interesting first experience (playing with the Tallahassee roleplayers group has made me realize how rare that can actually be). Auguring is definitely a collective storytelling, which is exactly my type of gig (as an aside, we have been playing as a group for a year and a half! That is a record for me, haha!).

      My character’s name was Harvall and he was a seductive human bard. I loved him (as I love all of my characters, but I remember my first efforts with particular affection) and had quite a storyline planned out for him- he was due for a redemption type arch, what with being a jaded hedonistic bard on the outside but a jilted scholar who regretted his scholarly pursuits at heart (as they were then used as a eugenics argument by the antagonist and a means of controlling the populace- bad times). but our campaign eventually fizzled out for several reasons before we got to the heart of the story- the GM not wanting to continue of course being the biggest (due to personal reasons apart from the game), and in general having difficulty getting a whole group of eight to settle on one night of gaming every two weeks.

      But it was so much fun. I loved all of the characters that the group created, and how excited they were to play them. One thing I really loved is that the group had several artists and writers who would spend a ton of time drawing and writing vignettes to supplement the gameplay. I also loved that the GM encouraged us to take other players aside and work on those individual relationships between characters for more intrigue and depth. Something I wasn’t as fond of was the sheer amount of players- we would constantly be talking over each other and the GM must have felt frustrated sometimes to have such a lot of combat to work through every time we encountered something- it would sometimes be nothing but combat for a whole session because there were so many of us, and D&D 3.5 is not as flexible and efficient as Augurs Lore. As a rule I think it makes sense to have 5-6 max. Any more than that gets a little messy in my experience.

      It was a fabulous first campaign overall for the time that it lasted, and I have been playing one game or another ever since. I’d love to hear about yours!

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