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    (The Relic of Tur’dar, Part Eight: Recap)

    Last session left me with some questions about our party’s dilemma in the “Cave of Morality”.

    I think Nysteld was put in an interesting place, having both Lem and Hodjai sort of urging her agreement on the topic of “let’s kill Osusk”. As it stands Nysteld has no wish to kill Osusk or see Osusk harmed by our doing. Nysteld recognizes that Osusk welcomed our traveling party in without question, freely sharing the warmth of the fire and the shelter of their space with a group of strangers. She has no reason to believe he means us (or even his “employees”) harm. Nysteld surmises the yoke on the Ais’lun miners extends well beyond the reach of Osusk–the Ais’lun laborers aren’t his— so killing Osusk would do nothing to improve their station and could possibly incriminate them. Killing would be an unnecessary expression of moral disapproval; an expensive and potentially dangerous gesture.

    When her fellow travelers express an inclination to kill Osusk, Nysteld might ask questions to encourage a thoughtful progression (allowing her conversational partner’s thoughts to develop in a dialogue of care and consideration): “What do you hope to accomplish by killing Osusk? What might the consequences of taking this person’s life be? What do you think will happen to these nine ais’lun? Might there be more to the situation that we don’t know or understand?” Nysteld would be interested in their answers to the questions and would listen without expectancy. If solicited for her own opinions (or for consent or agreement), she would share openly.

    She might encourage each of her traveling companions in the interactions that follow to clear the intent of assassination from their being, as it clouds the senses, muddles the thoughts, and leaves a distinct and dark feeling in the air, as discernible a scent as fear to a wolf. Only in clarity can one simultaneously act and accept; only in openness can one find greater truth than one’s own. She might suggest if someone wanted to learn a little more from the ais’lun that we ask Roth’is to help us communicate with them.

    If Nysteld has any lingering concerns of her own in this cave, it’s of the krasolyte and where that might end up. She wonders who in Pelmora contracted for the mining and how they happened along the same path Entan usually takes out of Pelmora. Watching Dyrakos has inclined her toward keeping her senses honed around Roth’is, the noble-born ais’lun who travels without guards or protection; the “expert” on Djenndan culture who claims he’s never been to the Protectorate. She wonders if Roth’is has any connection to the person who contracted Osusk.

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    Thanks for starting this! I really like being able to reflect back on what our characters have experienced, so having a forum space for sharing their thoughts and viewpoints is awesome.

    It’s interesting to see Nysteld’s viewpoint. I can understand if she believes Hodjai is interested in killing Osusk, since Lem suggested the idea and Nysteld probably knows or has at the very least pieced together that Lem and Hodjai are comrades. In actuality, Hodjai has no intent to kill Osusk as the situation stands currently. Osusk hasn’t shown himself to be a threat, and has been very hospitable to the party.

    Hodjai finds himself in a tense and uncomfortable situation within the cave. In Hodjai’s culture, there is no concept of serving another out of social obligation or against ones will. Also, Hodjai’s people live in a remote and isolated area within the protectorate, so until his encounter with pale stone and subsequent exodus, he had very little exposure to other cultures. Because of this and his own naivety, the idea of an oppressive social institution such as slavery or indentured servitude is still largely foreign to him even after travelling outside his homeland for several months.

    That Osusk is so hospitable to the party of travelers. yet so cold and disrespectful to his workers is partly what causes Hodjai the feeling of awkwardness and tension. He wonders why Osusk would treat the Ais’lun so poorly if they are working together with him to accomplish the same thing. He also wonders why the Ais’lun would allow themselves to be disrespected in such a manner and not retaliate.

    Hodjai is also a person of action and can be impatient in many situations. In this circumstance, he is annoyed that there is an obvious tension yet no clear way to dissolve it. He probably would not sleep well, so rather than wait it through and leave it be, he wishes to communicate with the Ais’lun workers and learn more about their situation. Nysteld, Lem, Sookta and the others would likely be able to detect the Hodjai’s awkard impatience in his tone and body language.

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    Lem’s letter as written during our last session:

    What’s up Tite.Writing now because I’m going to kick it soon. Not interesting story, not going to tell it. Want family to know I’m dead and to not wonder like did with Yan. Am definitely dead by time you receive letter. People who delivered were comrades. Maybe delivered it, maybe will collect dust in pack for few weeks until person dead as well though. If pack raided by killer and is reading this- hey. Fuck you, fuck are reading this for. Hope you burn in Halfhollows, root fucker, bloody stool, etc.

    Writing you to let know have never been fond. Felt you have sucked for past decade plus extra threnn. Always thought you were lucky one out of all seven, have resented for long, long time. Am over it now. Want you to know love. Am now looking at how futile to think could be like you and live with father making pretty things- not worthwhile anymore to envy birds their flight. Please forgive past ash mouthed words.

    Should know did amazing things. Tell family. Finished 33 jobs. Not hot trot, but was done; sister said would never happen, inform how wrong she is. Also in the past months became Explorer, saw crazed lunacy that would never believe. Saw no Kahlnissá has seen- dark stuff. Have known comradery, been well met along way. Mixed bag, but have earned right to be remembered after.

    So. Why was with party. Months since first started traveling together… Met in Pike’s Watch. Township in thick of Peacekeepers, Pallmoran presence. Dirty crude shit pile of place. Had just gotten off assignment in South Weyell, didn’t go over so great. Was bloody and everything gone wrong. Influential family. Ended up hitting two extra, shouldn’t have died. Was my fault, got scared. Fully admit. Wrecked reputation with locals, did not receive payment, etc. Was six Doullies to name, three months’ travel from Expanse. Found self in smelly room full of freelancers. No Kahlnissá in sight. Not usual to see us west of Capital City. Gets lonely sometimes. Thought maybe would find mate and settle down somewhere, maybe family. Mother, father met through congregation arrangement, never avid on joining arrangement-end up paying to feed stranger? Ugh. If had gotten chance to start family, would have wanted far from Expanse in place of anonymity, no mother or sister breathing my air.

    Party. Started with noble human. Her mate, High Lord of Pelmora, assembled militia to find; mate was piece of work, was sorcery-wielding mass of human remains. Not fooling. Was number x of thousand unspeakable foul shit got caught in. Was most disgusting thing ever seen- Toorlish Ruins, dragonkin, ritual suicide, Halfhollows, Dark Lord of Destruction killed, was child. Grand plot. Long, long story, don’t have parchment. Feel free to embellish. Party start with two Viantu, two Djenndan, human named Dars the Plank. Viantu were good. Dezeva, Tsu’viti. Liked Tsu’viti. Was smart, kind, weird. Eyes nice. Never got chance to know Dezeva. Dead soon. Djenndan, scary pair. Have no shame to say was nervous around. Djenndan social communication style grating. But loyal, kind, good. Hodjai, Sookta. Giants. Polite, eat enemies though. Dars the Plank good. Was straightforward, friendly. Died. Many died. Killed Dolios meatbag monster, together. Dyrakos, funny human, Kishsahat, spitting strong human, there too. Tolerate both, good cooks, made lots food. One human, Sir Dhonin, liked muchly. Was good, quiet, kind. Met in Toorlish ruins. Was shredded, got better. Tsu’viti fixed. Never say goodbye proper. Am sad. Maybe liked him, but am dying, no matter.

    Got comrades caught in dream world few weeks ago. Dark sorcery involved. Do not NOT NOT shake stranger hand. Never. Almost killed all. Did get 777 Threnns out of deal though. Survived. Saved by Kalousk and comrades. Kalousk is healer in Pike’s Watch, North of township. Deliver message Tsu’Viti: much love. Remember me, live well.

    Reminder- deliver to Rory Unter of Scholars: Unter is porcupine shit ass. Never got say. Don’t care how deliver message. Deserves to know.

    Don’t have room for more. Nearly at end of parchment. Remember me, tell story, embellish greatly for epic effect. Know that also, did love you most of all. Father loved too. Ba and Sel too. All family. Miss you. Sorry to not see you last time. Be happy Tite. Will see you on the other side. Lem.

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    Haha, lol at:

    “Eat enemies though…”

    “Was shredded got better…”

    “Porcupine shit ass.”

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    Hey, I’m sharing an in-character exchange document for people to add to- I put Lem’s thoughts and dialogue in a colored format for easy reference while writing. 🙂

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