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      In the current beta version, the Pulnagá are referred to as a “sterile” race that cannot reproduce on their own. I’d like to amend this and expand with a bit of nuance to their story overall (thanks to a recommendation from @A-Mac and some fruitful conversation with @the_briny). I will be adding the following section to the next beta version:

      The half-breed race is seen throughout the Empire as a kind of abherration. Among more enlightened circles, their kind go relatively unnoticed–the occasional glance or murmur, gossip such as, “Her father was a kahlnissá,” and so on. But in more superstitious crowds it would be difficult for citizens of the Empire to carry on a normal conversation with a Pulnagá, since their very existence is seen by many as the product of something nearly as taboo as incest. Pulnagá often find a home either in human society or in kahlnissá society, but occasionally they quarter with only those like themselves and have a derisive cynicism and contempt for other civilized races.

      Pulnagá are rumored to be unable to reproduce, or that their children are hideously mutated creatures, but this is misinformation promoted by those who disapprove of their existence or are ignorant of their plight. In truth, it is far more difficult for the Pulnagá to produce healthy offspring, and many seem to be unable to produce children altogether. This makes a Pulnagá child’s existence seem more impassioned and perhaps more contentious. It is a rare thing for any Pulnagá to establish a family, raise a child together, and live openly in relative harmony. However rare, it does sometimes happen; the Ertaeh, an extended family of some prominence in the city of Lirrus, claim a fully Pulnagá lineage for five generations.

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      Ah, yes. I really like this nuanced change.

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