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      I want to make a change to the active skill “Find Supplies” in order to make gathering for the basic parts of sorcery and intrigue more intuitive. Right now there is just one Find Supplies skill attached to INT as its source attribute, but for scholars, craftsman, or swindlers who want to procure supplies, it seems odd that they would all go about finding their own specific parts in exactly the same way. The whole mechanic of that seemed forced, but I think we’ve fixed it.

      Find Supplies will now operate as an active skill that is geared toward how the player will use it. Players will specify when they take the skill (usually during character creation) that it uses their preferred source attribute–either INT, WIS, PER, or CHA–and that source attribute will be how they go about finding supplies.

      It makes more sense from a story perspective that scholars searching the pages of a ponderous tome might rely on their WIS more than anything else in order to gather useful lore, while craftsman might wish to use their PER to discover various charms and swindlers can inspire others to help them find the supplies they need.

      In any event, since “Find Supplies” is simply a utility skill geared toward finding professional supplies connected to the various branches of sorcery and intrigue, it makes more sense that it would be an active skill linked toward a character’s professional attributes or specific utility.

      Perhaps we could call these “Utility Skills,” a special branch of active skill? Or perhaps there is little room for growth here for personal house ruled games, so we could simply note this as an active skill with special professionally-linked properties. In any event, I think that broadening Find Supplies in this way will allow people to engage this skill in game play more often.

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