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      So when we she was designing this website, @the_briny the found all these examples of abstract art that I find really cool for this project (Thanks, Jaime!). I like it so much that I have begun to envision the game book having nothing but different abstract, fractal-inspired art, and maybe other abstract images such as Rohrschach images or something similar instead of the conventional random monster.

      Do you know of similar fractal-inspired art around the web? What are your thoughts on the theme and art for this game?

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      I’m totally diggin’ on the fractal art. It screams of possibilities and permutations. (One of these Augurs has to have an instrument called a fractalizer to represent arrays of potentialities, amirite?) It inspires riffing and imagination. I also like that it’s abstract, because it seems to suggest an overall feel, rather than pigeonhole the game’s setting into a particular generic box.

      Along those lines, I really like your idea of Rohrschach images. Your game, the world, your writing, it’s gritty and mysterious and oddly inspiring. I think representing your ideas with abstract/moody art is a smooth move, and one that makes the entire project seem cohesive and clever.

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      The more I look at various examples of abstract and fractal art, the more I’m convinced that I only want to include that style in the overall game book. Instead of commissioning art and having specific pictures drawn of elements of the world, I think it would be unique and notable to have fractal art represent the whole of the artwork in the game.

      My only concern is whether or not the art would work with maps, or would it clash with them. I do think I want to include specific maps in the game, not just the dungeon maps in the sample adventure, but the world maps to help frame the Empire’s borders and locales. With maps in the mix, does the fractal art still work?

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      I definitely think fractal art and mapwork would be able to coincide. The more maps, the better, I’d say.

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