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      Thanks to a great suggestion by @blizack regarding the race names, my mind is contemplating various “common language” ways to refer to the non-human player races in the game. I’m going to start working a few of these common references into the next beta version.

      Each of the intelligent races has their own name, but it would make sense to have a type of “framing” flavor text after each identifier, something to effect a more evocative connotation for the player races. In the fiction I’ve already done this for Legendary monsters and for at least two of the player races, but I would want to make these common references for all player races–including humans. I would want the flavor text to be a brief phrase of some kind, something like (for humans) “The First Race” or “The Horse-Tamers” or “Children of Thelea” or something similar. At any rate, I’ll work these race epithets into the next beta version.

      If you have any suggestions feel free to contribute!

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