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      So, I totally need to come up with a dungeon screen or some kind of master tables list. Reading through the book is one thing, but I encountered a lot of hunting and finding problems as I used the book in the last game session, having to keep moving back and forth between the encounters chapter, the beasts chapter, the skills chapter, and the characters chapter in order to find all the information I needed to manage the random encounters, travel, and basic choices the characters were making. A dungeon screen would be a perfect place to put all of that stuff, and would save me the need to keep using Command-F.

      Has anyone else had any issues having to go back and forth? Any suggestions on how to make the book a bit easier to utilize?

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      I think a DM screen would be a great idea! One thing I’ve done as I’m DM-ing a Pathfinder campaign is make a digital quick-reference document for combat. It most likely wouldn’t fit legibly onto a screen, but it’s much quicker to go through than the book, and covers more rules than a screen could hope to do.

      I know Pathfinder’s system of combat is a bit more complicated than Augur’s Lore, but perhaps something like this would work on a broader scope, incorporating a variety of other topics such as randomized encounters, rules of travel, paraphrased skill descriptions & associated attributes, etc. And it wouldn’t necessarily exclude the potential for a DM screen as well.

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        Yes, I like this idea for sure. It would actually be more versatile to have a 1- to 2-page document that referenced all these rules as opposed to putting them on a screen. If GMs wanted them on a screen, they could print them and put them there. I’m definitely going to work this into the next beta release of the game!

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