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    Now that dual-wielding is an option for characters, and since many of the 1H melee weapon damages are as high as the long-ranged missile attacks, melee/ranged combat seems out of balance. There’s no option for a PRE-inclined character to get two attacks (or stack two arrows in their bowstring) so the new setup seems to favor melee fighters. Even for wizards–who admittedly have it really tough at low level–their spells are guaranteed to hit (versus a resistance score) and their damage skyrockets with level. At least at this read-through, it seems like missile weapon wielders got the short end of the (long-range) stick. gross, I’m so lame.

    One thing I realize, even in the face of what looks like unevenly stacked cards, is that a totally symmetrical sense of balance likely wouldn’t suit this scenario: characters who fight in close quarters, for example, are susceptible to a nasty range of effects (auras, melee counterattacks) that those who stay a safe distance away are not.

    Maybe we can run some numbers and check our balances here.

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    Possible idea —

    Since AGI governs the efficacy of dual wielding melee weapons, maybe it govern an enhanced sort of missile attack, too.

    As an example: my character has exceptional INT, high PRE & AGI, and below average STR. Rather than take a penalty to my attack roll by attacking in melee, it makes more logical sense to maximize my attributes and attack with a missile weapon (or spell). But the dual wield option (which could greatly increase my damage) still makes melee combat tempting, despite my character’s obvious attribute-based proficiency at range. And currently there’s no option for AGI to play much of a role in enhancing missile damage dealt as it does with dual wielding in melee combat.

    Maybe a solution might be to have multi-attacks corresponding to AGI score. An exceptional AGI score would allow 2 attacks (operating like dual wield attacks in that success is determined by a single attack roll) at full damage. Etc.



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