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      Hey ya’ll, when I was getting to know my human survivalist forager Bubby, it occurred to me that lodestone was available to equip for 30 threnn as a component for spells. Lodestone was used as a basic compass as far back as 500 B.C. by placing a piece of lodestone on a cork and floating it in water (due to its magnetic qualities, lodestone would typically align with due North). You could also rub the lodestone vigorously on a metal pin and stick the pin in cork to align with North after it was sufficiently magnetized.

      So Bret and I talked a little about navigation, and in the Song of the Palestone, the world does not have the typical polarity as our world does (or how the world did millions of years ago, I guess one could say, given that we’re still on the same planet!) so a rudimentary compass wouldn’t necessarily work in the same way that we would expect it to at present. I’m wondering if anyone else has thoughts about navigation and basic navigational tools that could be crafted for use in the Song of the Palestone world?

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      We have since added the description of a navigational device or “compass” as an example of an invented craft (which a craftsman or anyone highly perceptive could attempt starting at adventurer level 10). Check it out in the latest version of the beta rulebook!

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