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      I am removing all prerequisites in skills (so, no INT 13+ for Decipher Code, etc.), because it doesn’t make sense to me as a balancing mechanic.

      Instead, we’re going back to all skills are usable by anyone who wants to attempt them, with one exception:

      Anyone attempting a skill that they have not trained (that is, have not taken at least a +1 value in that skill) take a standard -2 penalty to their skill test. For example, if there is a character who wants to “Decipher Code,” but hasn’t trained for it, they can still make the skill test, but add -2 to their d20 roll and their attribute bonus/penalty.

      I will note this the next time I update the rulebook!

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      Also, I am pulling back on Active Skills earned during character creation. Active skills learned during character creation are dependent on profession, but now also on terms.

      When choosing profession and specialization, note your professional skills and choose a maximum of 2 active skills with your initial term. If players roll additional terms (increasing their time commitment), they can take 1 additional active skill (at +2) from their professional list, up to a maximum of 4 trained skills.

      There should be no more than a maximum of 4 active skills at adventurer level 1.

      If players opt to increase an existing skill when rolling an additional term, instead of take an additional active skill at +2, that is okay with the understanding that the existing skill will increase at +1, and that skills can only increase in the first three terms of character generation. Rolling four or more terms will not provide a bonus to skills.

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