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      I will be adding a “Combat Action” to the rule book in the next release. We spoke about it during our game play tonight and I think it is a good idea to have a simple and sustainable mechanic in place to field character actions during combat that do not involve weapons, traps, magic, or fleeing. For example, if a character engaged in a combat round wants to trip someone, or stuff a torch in their backpack, or break their arm, they should be able to try that, and I want a simple rule in place to allow that to happen.

      As such, “Combat Action” will operate like an active skill test, only it happens during the combat round. The skill test will use only the player’s d20 roll and the “Combat Training” bonus learned during the character’s profession in order to determine success, to succeed over a 55%-75% difficulty rating at the GM’s discretion. Alternatively, the “Combat Action” test can be scored against the opponent’s Avoidance score.

      Successful Combat Action tests result in an immediate active effect, which will be generalized at the GM’s discretion from an active effects chart I will add to the Combat chapter (but the chart will be a similar general chart to the one found on p. 53 in the section “Traps”).

      Failed Combat Action tests will allow the opponent an attack of opportunity, which operates in addition to the standard order of attacks in a combat round, but follows the same rules for attack and avoidance detailed in the Combat chapter. Opponents may not use an attack of opportunity to perform a “Combat Action” in turn.

      I think this will be an easy and very pliable mechanic for players and GMs alike, and it will give PCs (especially characters who do not meet the attribute requirements for the more precise specialty actions of traps and sorcery) a bit more variety when engaging in encounters. Let me know what you think.

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