The Relic of Tur’dar, Part Eight: The Mountain’s Reach

In our eighth session of the current story arc, the adventurers collected their supplies and organized their caravan to leave Pelmora along the northern road beyond Glenlathiel, where they traveled north guided through the Northern Pass by Entan, their paid guide and skilled survivalist. It is often said throughout Weyell that the caves in the Northern Mountains are home to unthinkable evils and guarded by the lifeless, cold horrors of the halfhollows below. Seldom swayed by superstitions, the adventurers will discover that the caves provide a … Continued

The Relic of Tur’dar, Part Seven: Northern Ventures

Our seventh session was a fun exploratory transition in the current story, wherein our player characters and other adventure party members recouped, rested, and explored Pelmora, the City of Embers. The party split up and familiarized themselves with their surroundings, and over the course of a week’s time, developed a plan for safely navigating through the northern pass–some of them getting into a bit of trouble in the interim. The established adventure party also briefly met a new player character and soon to be … Continued

The Relic of Tur’dar, Part Six: The Crossroads

In our sixth session of this story arc, the adventurers found themselves still in Kalousk’s house north of Pike’s Watch. Everyone slept while Ts’uviti, the controller of the Echrile, directed Dadrauth and all those marked in the dreamscape toward the mark. With the help of Hodjai, who rejoined the group, they followed Dadrauth’s lead and hoped his intent was not to double-cross them once he managed to achieve whatever his end goals might be. The possibility that Dadrauth could break the link and remove the mark of … Continued

The Relic of Tur’dar, Part Five: Answers and Questions

After two days in Taimor the adventurers try to make sense of Dadrauth’s dreamscape as they prepare to continue their journey north toward Pike’s Watch. The party returns to recognizable ground and familiar faces, but are faced with a number of new challenges both in the realm of the Echrile and in the waking world. The group wastes little time in tracking down Kalousk, the old Pelmoran seer to whom Etirys of Taimor referred them. Kalousk is incredibly perceptive and poised; she is able to provide … Continued

The Relic of Tur’dar, Part Four: Combing the Embers

In this session the adventurers holed up in Taimor, a small redoubt populated by a group known as the Commander’s Watch, along with several of their dedicated volunteers. The Commander’s Watch is essentially a militia group formed by former Pelmoran Infantry and citizens of Pike’s Watch and the surrounding areas. In Taimor the adventurers waited out the severe storm weather and discussed what to do next. This was an excellent story-oriented session where the adventurers did not encounter any combat or puzzles, mainly because the storms kept them … Continued