6: Swodynnanran

Profile Swodynnanran is a 36 year old pulnagá male who stands 6′ and weighs 170 lbs. Tall, thin, and striking in appearance, he is known as a powerful and strange practitioner of magic, an Urnaki Conjurer of the Fourth Order. Swodynnanran has a handsome, symmetrical countenance, with think, kahlnissá-textured hair along his face and neck that he lets grow quite long, braiding in artful strands and adorns with beads and bone charms. He speaks Uskelian with a slow drawl, indicative of the Bosenite influence … Continued

5: Ostentili the Forgotten

Profile Ostentili is a kahlnissá female, a wilderness survivalist and stalker who stands 5′ tall and weighs 110 lbs. She is a keen tracker and hunter, and when not navigating a trail she usually prefers high vantage points in treetops and on mountain clearings. She emerged from the riverlands of east Hinn and west Wendajii seemingly from thin air, with no family ties or connections to speak of and a quiet, cautious social awareness. Her skin shows the obvious blotching and bumps from years … Continued

4: Ye’ir Hessiti

Profile Ye’ir Hessiti is a 70 year old ais’lun female who stands 4′ 3″ and weighs 132 lbs. She grew up in the halls of the Adeng veteran’s enclave and served as a forgemaster along Adeng’s riverbank district, but after thirty-two years of service she decided that she was capable of far more than a builder’s life. After discovering an amazing magical trinket, Ye’ir left behind the lucrative comfort of the forgemaster’s life in order to explore herbalism, lore, and enchantment. Background Ye’ir Hessiti … Continued

3: Kai-Shan the Battle-Ready

Profile Kai-Shan is a 25 year old Djenndan female who stands 7’6″ and weighs 334 lbs. She is a tough, battle-tested healer who has served her clan well. From the age of 14 she traveled with the warriors of her clan, learning how to save lives and prepare healing provisions. After a strange run-in with some mysterious crystals, Kai-Shan found herself in Vordigar City, unsure how she arrived. After finding her way back home, she left with her clan’s blessing to pursue adventure. Kai-Shan … Continued

2: Grennick of the Quetanian Healers

Profile Grennick was a skilled healer of Quetan, a Western Order of scholars and priests who worship the lesser god of mending and bone and pride themselves in the study of the body and natural herbalism. Grennick stood 5’10” and was a thinly man with darkened, raised moles on face and arms. He had extremely pale skin his whole life, which seemed to contrast drastically with the Quetanian sigil tattoos he wore on his face, earned when he adopted the title “Elder of the Quetan.” … Continued