12: The Chessuri Sniper, Nuwandan Yishante

Profile Nuwandan Yishante is a Chessuri Brush Sniper from the grasslands of Wendajii. He is just over six feet tall, and is a thinly 166 lbs; he appears almost skeletal dressed in his Chessuri bone armor. A strange and savage animal attack left Yishante’s entire foster family dead and him maimed. His scars left him deeply disfigured, which contributes to his off-putting personality. Yishante’s village of Ashlanyad recorded that the animals who attacked were blood bats, but Yishante remembers it differently in his nightmares. The only … Continued

11: Worbyr the Guardian of Wildfolk

Profile The Savage Guardian of the Wildfolk is a brutal scrapper known among the Kimenians of the Northern Wilds as Worbyr Gray. Worbyr is a fiercely strong ais’lun warrior who stands 4′ 1″ tall and weighs 120 lbs. His muscular frame and gray, patterned skin has few of the signature bumps typical of most ais’lun, and those who stand close to him usually notice that he has an extra finger on each hand. Years of living as a warrior protector over his home town has left … Continued

10: Trell, Ranger of the Forklands

Profile Trell is a seasoned ais’lun huntsman who has spent the past fifty-nine years of his life in and around Rendalenn. He stands 3′ 9″ and weighs 128 lbs., and carries striking burn scars along his shoulders and the left side of his face–wounds he received during the great fire that took the life of his family. After recovering from the great fire, Trell was destitute living as a pauper in the filth-ridden streets of the ais’lun quarter in Rendalenn and squatting in abandoned … Continued

Downloading the Free Introduction Booklet

The introduction booklet for Song of the Pale Stone is now available. Head over to our downloads page to get your copy today. There we are also offering a form fillable character sheet for free download. The introduction booklet contains everything players need to get started creating characters and get a feel for the game universe. For the time being we have been having a few issues with our checkout page in some instances, so if you find that your checkout page goes blank, … Continued

9: Tsahzhast, The Arena Sandman

Profile Tsahzhast was a fifteen year old viantu male who stood 3′ 11″ tall and weighed 77 lbs. Despite his relatively few years in this life, Tsahzhast had nearly a decade of arena victories, and he and his brothers were considered heroes in the Rendalenn fighting underground. Tsahzhast had a wholly unique look about him. Apart from being one of the fruit eaters, the strange Volaani dark forest men from the far east rarely seen in the Protectorate, Tsahzhast had a frame with shockingly narrow shoulders … Continued