Augur’s Lore is a system of tabletop RPGs inspired by old school gaming and procedural generation that facilitates immersive, gritty, and infinitely expandable settings and stories. Our games are designed for 2-8 players with polyhedral gaming dice and an imagination for realizing adventure.

The Augur’s Lore

As long as people have been around there have been Augurs, rare individuals of immeasurable foresight with the ability to envision futures. Throughout history their power in its cultural and religious expression has taken on different forms, but in every culture and within each society Augurs live. For some communities, an Augur commands reverence; they are considered powerful oracles, shamans, and seers. But in our time and in our modern society, virtually no one knows the Augurs exist. What the Augurs foresee are not actually prophecies, but possibilities. If multiple parallel universe theory is correct, maybe any one of the Augur’s visions about the future could someday exist. But there’s no way to know if this is the exact path for our own future. The Augur sees far into a future reality. How far exactly, we can’t be certain. How real we can’t quite know. The Order ensures that the Augur’s Lore represents truth through imagination and possibilities. The dynamic meaning of that truth must come from you.



The Augur’s Lore imagines visions of possible futures, worlds of wondrous technologies, strange creatures, and fantastical realms. But the dynamic meaning of these possibilities can only come from you, the characters you realize, and the roles you play.

Just as the Augurs foresee many distant futures, you must conjure present life into those futures, envisioning interactive subjects and characters who breathe, think, and create adventure. What will your adventures reveal?