The Veragem Plateau: Beta 7 Playtest Session #1

The session begins in the town of Veragem, some forty miles east of Sar du Plagg in Creona. The township is nestled atop a rocky plateau that overlooks a thicket of Joza forests. Veragem is Creona’s hidden treasure, a curiosity in the wilderness and an eclectic convergence of pre- and post-Thelean cultures. In recent years, Viceroy Isa–the Empire’s proxy and leader of the township–has noticed a resurgence of tensions between the Order of Enthaad and the Ohm’Veshi Cult, two Pre-Thelean religious groups that have continued to hold an unofficial claim over the sacred “Ghatial.” The Ghatial is a recently-uncovered monument found in the ruins among the standing stones just north of the town, and its presence in the hearts and minds of Veragem’s citizens reveals its importance for the coming days. Isa has appealed to Veragem’s good nature before to see through hardships and disagreements, but local superstitions fuel ancient local ties, both of which run far deeper throughout the plateau than the Empire’s claim of rule. And what of the Ghatial itself? A fragile peace and an unknown power rest at the edge of the plateau.

The following players characters attended our first session:

  • Cheyle the Sand Rat, the kahlnissá manipulator, played by @Evan
  • Cutelion the “Lion,” the human warrior, played by @dynamo
  • Dignitary Rokra dan Valadagal, the Djenndan orator, played by @sam.remp
  • Ik-seke’cha, the human enchanter, played by @saelbrin
  • Trevillikist, the human crafter, played by @Terri

The adventurers gathered as many travelers do in the Veragem Guest House, run by Dulaen Longtoe. Travelers come from all over Veragem to see the ancient standing stones north of the township. Rumor has it that the earthquakes revealed a strange symbol buried beneath one of the stones–the same symbol that is etched on the Ghatial monument. The morning as the adventurers gathered was a beautiful one. A local named Hestor the Cartwheeler came to the thoroughfare in front of the Guest House to unpack his cart in preparation for the day’s sales up at the stones. Hestor greeted Dulaen, and the two discussed the day’s predictions for tourists, and as adventurers introduced one another, a giant in elaborate armor and carrying a massive sword joined the morning ritual.

Guardian Dilaeve, the self-proclaimed “Protector of Veragem,” announced her regular rounds with the intent to escort Hestor north to Valley Road, and asked the adventurers if they would like to tag along. Studying the “Guardian’s” armor more closely, however, revealed it to be little more than a home made costume; her sword, as Lion inspected, a simple prop. For all Dilaeve’s posturing, it seemed as though she was a child, simple-minded or foolish. The locals acted as if they were used to Dilaeve’s shenanigans, and either ignored her or played along. The adventurers kindly did the latter.

The group continued along the northern road of the township, to plateau’s edge, where the buildings are less cloistered near the road and several fields separate two northern districts. As they rounded a corner, the adventurers came upon a battle. Several Theleans appeared to have been incapacitated, and in the center of the roadway, two Ohm’Veshi were engaged in a melee with two Enthaadians. Hestor the Cartwheeler saw the fray and immediately fled, leaving his cart. Guardian Dilaeve shouted and ran toward the fight though she were a real warrior. It proved a foolish move. One of the Ohm’Veshi turned toward Dilaeve and threw some kind of magical blast toward the giant, incapacitating her in one blow.

As the adventurers joined the fray, their actions turned the tide in favor of the Enthaadians. Lion’s axe took a bite out of the Ohm’Veshi who attacked Dilaeve. An Enthaadian named River Reineka defeated the remaining Ohm’Veshi in a brutal display. Dignitary Rokra dan Valadagal, in a critical moment of the battle, stood atop Hestor’s vendor cart and delivered a shouting speech that stalled all actions, and allowed enough time for the Enthaadians to halt their hostilities. The group noticed that Peacekeepers were on their way toward the fight, and so they vowed to keep an eye on the adventurers. Ik-seke’cha investigated those who fell in battle, discovering that the fallen Theleans died at the hands of the Ohm’Veshi, not the Order of Enthaad. Though there is still a mystery about why the battle took place, what was made clear was that the rising tensions between the Ohm’Veshi and the Enthaadians was more than a rumor.

Ik-seke’cha tended Guardian Dilaeve’s wounds, but it was clear that the giant fool needed a healer if she were to recover from the attack. The adventurers wheeled the giant back east on Hestor’s cart, and made it as far as the Salt Winds Tavern before they saw Hestor. Hestor brought out the owner and proprietor of Salt Winds, Tryndmarr, and communicated what the adventurers were looking for. Tryndmarr sent the group to meet a healer named Aanbi, Aanbi Reineka.

The Peacekeepers never noticed the adventurers, but it seems the Enthaadians are going to notice the adventurers in town from now on. In the next session, we’ll see where the adventurers head to next.

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