4: Ye’ir Hessiti


Ye’ir Hessiti is a 70 year old ais’lun female who stands 4′ 3″ and weighs 132 lbs. She grew up in the halls of the Adeng veteran’s enclave and served as a forgemaster along Adeng’s riverbank district, but after thirty-two years of service she decided that she was capable of far more than a builder’s life. After discovering an amazing magical trinket, Ye’ir left behind the lucrative comfort of the forgemaster’s life in order to explore herbalism, lore, and enchantment.


Ye’ir Hessiti was born to humble beginnings in the temperate lakelands of north Plenith. She grew up as an orphan in Reitachash Hall, the bustling veteran’s enclave in the south boroughs of the city of Adeng. The city rests on the Grandach River, a sprawling waterway that stretches north into New Scorth and connects the Lake Plenith to the lush sands in south Valadagal. Many orphans roam the streets of the enclave, most never knowing who their parents are. Transient soldiers arrive in the enclave deposed from war or militia and stay for weeks on end, their basic needs of food and companionship addressed by Reitachash Hall’s more permanent population. The soldiers leave on assignment, many never to return, and never knowing their children remain to fend for themselves in the enclave.

At a young age, Ye’ir showed immense perception and wisdom, even taking five other orphans under her wing–two human boys named Jellek and Rynis, and three ais’lun girls named Nan, Yelan, and Mier. She cared for her adopted siblings, protected them, helped them find food, and appropriate supplies to make their lives easier in the Reitachash streets. By the time she was nineteen, the attitude of discipline and training that had been ingrained in the culture of the enclave presented itself; Ye’ir and her siblings had set up a neighborhood network that catered to orphans and the poor, ensuring that food and shelter could be provided for anyone in need.

As Ye’ir grew older, she was fascinated to explore how the civilized world fits together through the various equipments that make life easier. She became fascinated with the trappings of the soldiers and sailors who passed through the enclave. She found herself to be incredibly charismatic in her interactions with the transient dwellers of Reitachash. She would befriend warriors, Peacekeepers, soldiers, shipmakers, sailors, even pirates and mercenaries, discussing with them the tools they used on a daily basis and exploring their ideas for what would serve as a useful design for their line of work. She soon mastered Creonic, the language of sailors, and found herself relaying the stories and missives of one group of transient soldiers and sailors to another, inspiring another cycle of crafting ideas to emerge from her new friends.

When Ye’ir turned 38, she decided that she wanted to apply her growing knowledge of the world to making useful tools and devices that could make her recognized among the city and earn her more coin that selling trinkets and gadgets. She moved into the city of Adeng and got a job as a forgemaster right near the banks of the Grandach. For the first few years, Ye’ir toiled away at her forge until word of mouth brought her substantially more business. After a time, the Adeng forge received bids for jobs as far north as Vordigar City and across the Jodhra Ocean for the shipbuilders of Creona. Ye’ir’s trappings could be seen in the armors of Western Peacekeepers and on the ships sailing around Vostiar’s Harbor.

Ye’ir made a good name for herself as a skilled Artisan and maker, but her truly greatest achievement, in her eyes, was the making of “Helmhammer,” her prized weapon. It took her ten years to forge the steel that makes up the bulk of the hammer–a dense dark steel that has been hammered and folded on itself more than two thousand times, fashioned into a single piece with head and shaft, and thrice tempered. Ye’ir painstakingly took years grooving a spiral patter from the handle of the hammer that removed an “A” shape twisting line of steel that winds all the way from top to bottom. In that empty space she wound green lakewood, sealing and tempering it inside to lighten the handle. In the hammer’s head she carved the shape of the mythical Storm King’s helm, a tale that fascinates her from the Ancient Kingdom of Scorth. Making Helmhammer was one way she connected with her heritage as an ais’lun, and she hopes one day to be able to learn to speak Es’ahn and travel to the Ancient Kingdom herself.

While walking the road north of Adeng, she spied a curious metal trinkent radiantly shimmering in the light of the midday sun. The trinket served as the single eye of a warding totem on someone’s property. It was too curious to pass by, however, and so she quickly climbed a fence and walked into the field where the totem stood. Ye’ir reached out and grabbed the eye of the totem, and suddenly all sound whisked away. She had visions that swirled in the sky above the Lake Plenith, then splashing inward into cold water and darkness. She woke as an old man shoved her away from the totem, screaming for the road patrol to help him. Ye’ir tried to explain that she was not going to steal the fascinating eye, but the old man was belligerent. The local authority escorted Ye’ir back to Adeng, but she couldn’t shake the vision of the lake.

Later in the week Ye’ir struggled with the vision and the life she led as an Artisan of the forge. She had so many stories, ideas, and questions, that she wanted more from life than to build the practical things that others use. She longed to adventure, to learn more of the world’s lore, to make her way to the Ancient Kingdom, to hone her crafts, to study herbalism–maybe even one day learn to enchant items. All she had done was make the decision to approach the totem to investigate it further, and she was drawn into a vision that seemed only possible for the heroes of her stories–but it had happened to her. She made up her mind; it was time to pursue adventure. She sold her portion of the Adeng forge, gathered a horse, cart, and supplies, and made her way to Lake Plenith.

As soon as Ye’ir arrived at the banks of the lake she was drawn to swim beneath the surface. She felt innately connected to the same power she felt in the totem’s eye. She swam down near a jagged rock and found an ancient circlet of pale stone near the bottom of the lake’s outer edge. It glowed warmly and fit her perfectly. With Helmhammer in hand and her trusted ringmail in her cart, she smiled and headed north with her haul to see what else she can discover.


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