1: The Warrior Kaglapaak


Kaglapaak is a 34 year old human male who stands 5’11” tall and weighs roughly 200lbs. after a decent meal. He is a powerful warrior trained in the Praen-Golok tradition of the Central Plains of the Djenndan Protectorate. From a young age he excelled in traditional Djenndan weapons and hand-to-hand battle practices, soon becoming sought-after as a local enforcer in his home region. After an unfortunate incident involving several local Peacekeepers, he fled to the neighboring town of Heksaag for a short time contemplating how he could clear his name. A near-death experience just outside the town changed his outlook on life, and after a pilgrimage to the Cloudchaser Mountains, he decided to travel to Eastern Thelea to seek adventure.


Like many of the other derelict orphans who scurry through the streets of the small town of Olkan, Kaglapaak was nothing until he was adopted by the local Rajorak Enforcers and raised with five other children his age–three brothers and two sisters. The community of warriors saw promise in him and soon he was able to best even the largest of his Djenndan siblings in a fight. The Rajorak trained their enforcers in the Praen-Golok tradition, a time-honored fighting practice dating back to the oldest Djenndan warriors. Kaglapaak grew up speaking as much Alldedan at home as the common tongue, which was used more about town outside Rajorak Hall to conduct the general errands of life.

The Rajorak Enforcers are a brave and powerful group of fighters who help the locals of Olkan and watch over the orphans of the township. By age 17, Kaglapaak had risen in rank to be responsible for his entire sibling group, which the Rajorak call the “pack.” Kaglapaak watched over his pack dutifully and together they became widely respected in Olkan. But Kaglapaak was not above challenging one of his siblings to a fight in order to settle a dispute or maintain his alpha status. It earned him a reputation of being widely respected but equally feared and secretly disdained, especially by others who would seek to establish their own authority.

Kaglapaak lived the life of a Rajorak Enforcer for 14 years, and during that time he elevated the status of the Rajorak Hall higher than any of the other three families in the central corridor of the Protectorate. The only tension the Rajorak have faced recently has been dealing with the Peacekeepers, who occassionally assert their power throughout the township in an aggressive way. One such display of power ended in an unfortunate conflict and the death of five Peacekeepers who had threatened Kaglapaak’s pack. It was a rare moment when he put the interests of his sister, Kai-pag-cho-pashan, above the Rajorak cause. He rarely discusses the incident, but from what anyone can tell, Kaglapaak publicly humiliated a Peacekeeper officer who had stolen and fenced Kai-pag-cho-pashan’s oxen. The Peacekeeper officer returned in the night with several soldiers with the intent to kill Kaglapaak and burn Rajorak Hall to the ground. Kaglapaak killed five of the six soldiers in self defense, including the officer, saving Rajorak Hall but branding himself a murderer. At the advice of his pack, he named Kai-pag-cho-pashan head Enforcer and fled west to Heksaag to collect his thoughts.

While Kaglapaak was in Heksaag, he enjoyed the local cuisine and the festive celebrations, spending a great deal of time with local ais’lun traveling merchants and discussing their treks through the Forklands to bring ore into the Protectorate. He didn’t care for their collections of rocks too much, but one stone stuck out to him strangely. It was hollow and made a dull rattling noise when he shook it, so he paid a short ais’lun five coppers for the thing.

On the outskirts of Heksaag while hunting, Kaglapaak decided to break into the geode to see what might be rattling inside. To his delight, the stones were amazingly beautiful and felt powerful and warm in his hands. When he first touched them he suddenly had visions of a strange, faroff, underground locale–a giant cavern at the center of which was a great, blue orb with several strange robed figures gathered around. Somehow these stones in his hand were linked to this blue orb, and seemed to draw Kaglapaak to go there.

His vision was violently interrupted by the bear he was hunting. The great, white-furred beast charged and struck the warrior with its mighty paw, slashing open his face and cracking his collar bone all in one blow. The impact threw him off a small embankment and he tumbled onto a pile of stones breaking his ribs. Groaning, he slowly stood and regained his bearings, and as the vision of the halfhollows became memory he locked eyes with the bear. A Snowy Yorvak–what the Kimenians call a polar bear–was charging down the hill toward him. Kaglapaak drew his curved blade and shouted a war cry. He could taste the blood streaming down his face from the bear’s greeting. He charged toward the Yorvak and the two clashed into a flurry of slashes, strikes, growls, and then moans. Moments later the bear lay dead with Kaglapaak not far behind. He closed his eyes, either from blood or fatigue, or both.

A wise ais’lun healer found him not a half hour later, and stabilized his bleeding in the whispy snows of the waning day. When Kaglapaak regained consciousness, the healer talked to him a bit and seemed taken with the warrior’s perception and thoughtfulness. Kaglapaak asked the man, who called himself Faah’wal, how he saved his life. The healer simply said that the answers and the forgiveness Kaglapaak sought could be found on Brandar’s Summit in the Cloudchaser Mountains. After sharing a meal and resting for the night in that same spot, the two parted ways. Kaglapaak searched the grasses for his vision stones, as he took to calling them, and found five of them near a pile of his blood. He named each of the stones for each of his five siblings, knotting them into a necklace made of the sinew and gut from his Yorvak kill. The warrior stripped the bear of its hide, took as much meat and bone as could feasibly be carried, and then made way to find Brandar’s Summit.

His pilrimage lasted three years, so far as anyone can tell, and he seems all the wiser for it. And now he’s made his way to the East–to Burunu–still with the Yorvak pelt across his back like a mighty cape. A warrior from the west Empire, the likes of whom we rarely see. If he keeps allowing his wisdom, patience, and perception to guide his steps, we may fill many of our Balendian scrolls with the name Kaglapaak.


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