21: Kadjali Kreen


Kadjali is a plains crow from the large township of Kreendan in the central fields of the Djenndan Protectorate. A foundling pulnagá child, she was raised among four artisans, young Djenndan among the Kreen who instilled in her a thirst for knowledge and discovery. As an adult, Kadjali turned her insight toward the Kreen warriors. This created a rift between her and her siblings, but earned her an honored place among the powerful of the Kreen. She stands 5′ 11″ and weighs 146 lbs., over two feet shorter than any of the Kreen fighters, but she stands out in a battle due to her powerful voice and deep understanding of movement and tactics on the battlefield. During a raid of a village north of Kreendan, Kadjali found a radiant crystal and was drawn to its power. With a commanding presence, she led her warriors in flawless success in battle, leading to a reputation of the Kreen as immortal warriors. Shortly later, Kadjali was inspired to seek out others who knew more about pale stone, so she could learn the source of its power.


Kreendan is one of several clan controlled townships in the central part of the Protectorate. The central clanships north of the corridor often fight one another over control of lands and resources, so much so that war and raiding has become a part of the culture there. Further south in the corridor, townships employ enforcers to keep out raiders, but in the north the open fields tend to cycle their power between whichever clan has the strongest warriors and the most effective battle strategies.

For the past twenty years, the Kreen were underpopulated and isolated from many resources and technologies that would have given their warriors an edge in battle. But in recent years, the warriors of Kreen have become a dangerous and fearsome force, and have demonstrated their power in village raids and township clan wars. And for the past eleven years Kadjali, a pulnagá foundling, has been a major part of the success of those Kreen battles.

Kadjali grew up among the Djenndan, and speaks Alldedan as her first language, but her differences in appearance make her still feel, in many ways, like an outsider. She has worked to make a name for herself because of this, and though her closest siblings among the Kreen are artisans and makers, Kadjali was always drawn more toward the prestige of a warrior’s life. When she came of age, she became more and more distant from her siblings as she was drawn to join the raids on northern villages. When she decided that she would train among the warriors as a plains crow–a tactician and controller who plans strategy and immobilizes opponents–her siblings lost their trust and respect for Kadjali, and she began to draw closer to the warriors among her group.

The Kreen fight brutally, and Kadjali even adapted the barbaric Djenndan practice of eating one’s opponent after a challenging fight, though it never looked as frightful and gruesome when she did so. For eleven years, she helped the Kreen build their power in the region through thoughtful tactics of war. Then one raid changed the Kreen’s reputation drastically and shifted the course of Kadjali’s life.

During the fighting while reclaiming resources in a nearby settlement, Kadjali was drawn to the village’s central effigy–a large, crude statue of Swuskwa that the villagers kept their distance from. Kadjali touched the statue and felt like she needed to destroy it. Grabbing a large rock, she smashed open the face of the effigy. There she discovered a cluster of thin, twig-like crystals that were glowing radiantly, at the same pace as her own pulse. The warriors saw their crow breaking open a Swuskwah effigy, and rushed to her side, roaring a war cry and rallying the fighters to the center of town. There, surrounded and outnumbered, the Kreen still fought their way through all the fighting villagers and reclaimed their stolen ore. They earned a reputation in the village for being immortal warriors, and as their story spread, the Kreen annexed surrounding lands under their control.

Now, Kadjali travels to learn more about pale stone and the source of its power. If it was able to grant her warriors unchallenged victory, she could only imagine how powerful it could be in greater quantity. Her appearance is gruff and she dresses her hardened hide armor with crow feathers and trinkets from her victories in battle. She tends to keep out of the fray, but is deadly with her traps and spikes.


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