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In the Sea of Thrennum a half-day’s journey from the coast of mainland Hinn lies the lush, mountainous, and mysterious Isle of Undan. Scholars weave tales of a once vast civilization, strangely abandoned and fallen to ruin, all but reclaimed by the temperate rainforests and hills central on the Isle, nearly forgotten among the Bwantaal and Bosenite fishers who populate the coastal towns.

In the month before the summer rains an ominous glow could be seen from Burunu pulsing among the clouds of the night sky as if the distant mountains had become a great fire. The Lord of Burunu is ill-equipped to calm the local townsfolk, and rumors of a rising, ancient evil abound, overshadowed only by whispers of a so-called “Queen of the Cannibals” who claims blood dominion over all of Undan. None along the coast have seen this Queen, and no one dares venture into the fiery mountains.

But perhaps the most immediate concern among the citizens of Undan has emerged in the form of the Penaji cult, who have occupied a nearby ruin and are terrorizing the townsfolk of Burunu, kidnapping citizens in the name of their supposed Queen. What do the Penaji seek to accomplish, and who will stand to oppose them?

We’re excited that Roll20 Con is here! We hope you can join us tomorrow on the mysterious Isle of Undan, where adventurers will gather all day in the township of Burunu. We will make characters, and then recruit any willing adventurers to explore the Ruins of Kahal for an evening dungeon crawl!

Our official schedule starts at 8am Pacific time with the open exploration of the township of Burunu. Players can navigate around the downtown area, meet NPCs, and build a character (or select one of the available characters) to use for the evening’s adventure. There will be a guided character creation between noon and 2pm Pacific time, followed by the gathering of an adventure party to explore the nearby ruins at 4pm Pacific time.

We’re extremely thrilled to be participating in this inaugural Roll20 event. Grab our free Song of the Pale Stone rulebook introduction here, and be ready to join us for a day on the Isle of Undan!

Our official story prompt is below. See you tomorrow!



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