100 Characters 100 Days

It’s 100 days until we launch Song of the Pale Stone, and to kick off our countdown we are going to post a character each day from now until September 12! I’ll be creating a new Song of the Pale Stone character every day using the standard set of rules, and then I will embellish the character’s back story to fit their generated origins and specialized profession. Every twenty days, give or take, we’ll also feature an extended character profile–typically featuring characters higher than adventurer level 1–including artwork, story vignettes, and other fun details.

Each day will bring a new, unique character based on what the dice reveal. We hope you enjoy meeting them. Head over to 100 Characters 100 Days today!

If you want to create Song of the Pale Stone characters on your own, head over to our downloads page and get a copy of the Introduction Booklet. And head over to our Subreddit and let us know what characters you’re imagining.

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Fractalform is the gaming handle of Bret Woods--ethnomediologist, author, and lead developer of Augur's Lore RPGs. Bret is Thing 1 at http://descrypt-studios.com.

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