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Hey, everyone! We’re excited about continuing development and I am pleased to announce the launch of our third official Song of the Pale Stone beta campaign, which I will be calling “Shards of Bravok.” We’ve got our rulebook quite near to launch ready, which is incredibly exciting. Of course, being such a small team of developers means that it takes us time to edit and design the finished product, but we are excited about pushing forward with a launch of Song of the Pale Stone very soon, before we begin to play test Horizons, our other game currently in progress. We will be on the road over the next few weeks, but when we get back Shards of Bravok will begin!

As you may already know, we have moved our game play exclusively to roll20 for our regular sessions. I encourage all community members to join us there. Check out roll20’s virtual tabletop interface when you get a chance and let us know if you have any questions about setup.

For anyone gearing up to play in the next adventure campaign (or anyone who wants to try out the character generation process and end up with a campaign-playable character), we will be entering the story arc at Adventurer Level 6 as a group of regular adventurers who have already spent a few years traveling and adventuring together. I am asking players to make the following elements part of their character creation:

  1. Create a new buffed character. To do this, roll up a new character using the “4d6, drop lowest die roll” method to generate attributes, but otherwise using the standard latest beta rules. Be sure to consider your character’s detailed backstory as a part of your process, and feel free to use the new background and origins charts in the appendix.
  2. Advance your character to Adventurer Level 6. Be sure to assign bonuses, experience, etc., appropriate for the level advancement
  3. Choose one buffed weapon or armor. Players should select a weapon or armor that is enchanted, tailored, or otherwise altered outfit item that will operate at a +2 to its usable statistics. If you are not planning to wear armor or use a weapon, let me know.
  4. Lastly: Invent a new unidentified item that your character has in their inventory. This should be a unique item (meaning you will make this up) and not money or precious gems of any kind. You should describe the item in as much physical detail as possible, but your character will have no idea what, exactly, the item is (I will create different back stories for each of the items you invent). It will be assumed as a default that your character found the item while adventuring, and decided to keep it in hopes it would be worth something, but this could also be a family heirloom, a gift from a stranger, or whatever you decide. Be specific about the details of the item and how your character acquired it.

These can be done at any time during the next running campaign for players who want to jump into the story.

So stay tuned as Shards of Bravok takes shape over the next few weeks, and post your thoughts in our forums as we finish our beta run of Song of the Pale Stone. We look forward to hearing from you!

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