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Site Redesign

The Augur’s Lore website has a new and improved design! Highlights include massively massive full-width content for epic reading, more legible typography, and navigation menus designed to communicate more and befuddle less. Also, logged-in Beta Members now have convenient access to all beta materials and communication from the main menu.

Updated & Improved Social Features

In addition to implementing a new layout, we have transitioned to a newer, lighter, easier-to-navigate social system to make our site’s community features more engaging and fun to use. User profiles are super suave now thanks to a great new plugin called Ultimate Member. Our member forums have been restructured to make better organizational sense (now we have a MEAD HALL! yes please) and according to our calculations, they are precisely 765% more awesome now, so check them out with us and say hi.

Announcing Augur’s Lore: Horizons

New to the website (and to the internet and rest of the world outside of mountaintree‘s beautiful brain) is the first overview of Horizons, the second game in the Augur’s Lore system. The initial beta release of Horizons, is projected for Fall 2015.


In other news

The main play test group for Song of the Pale Stone beta is wrapping up its second major campaign, The Relic of Tur’dar. We look forward to giving Roll20 a first try for our session this week–feel free to share your experiences if you’ve used it before.

Augur’s Lore is now on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Google+! Follow us and keep in touch with all things Augur’s Lore, RPG, and general gaming and art-related.

Explore the new and let us know what you think!

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